Thursday, 27 December 2012

The heart of the case

I am stunned at the gullibility of people who think David Bain deserves compensation. Most I suspect base their view on media coverage or the Joe Karam Book, a book written by someone desperate for fame and a book that has been proven to have 150 pages of total in-accuracies or distortion of the facts. Even David Bain's Lawyer in the original trial said that Joe Karam continually "imparts quarter truths or half truths" to tell his version of the story.

Lets go to the heart of Joe Karam's assertion that Bain is innocent. That is the theory that Davids Father Robin killed the family & then committed suicide. It is widely accepted that it was either David or Robin who killed the family so lets look at the claim by Karam that it was Robin.

For this to be credible you must accept the following.
1.An elderly male got out of bed early, avoided the need to empty what the pathologist found to be a completely full bladder
2. He went about killing his family except David, then committed suicide by holding the rifle, according to the pathologist an many experts,  at a very difficult if not impossible angle.
3. After killing himself Robin then managed to wipe all of his fingerprints off the rifle & left only one of Davids fingerprints on the rifle, which of course is sijmply not possible.

The facts simply dont add up to Robin committing the murders & then committing suicide.

Then lets look at Karam's claims that Robin was having an incestuous relationship with Laniet and that was his motive. Its pretty easy to make claims that a dead person can not refute. Again there are no facts to back this up. The one witness that Karam produced to make this claim didnt want to appear in court, had previously demanded $10000 before giving evidence and wasnt even a friend of Laniets as Karam claimed. In fact this witness was actively disliked by Laniet and she avoided him at all costs, according to one of her friends. The witness made claims that one of the investigating officers had threatened him but investigations revealed that when he claimed this officer had made the threats the officer wasnt even in New Zealand so could not have done so.

There are a number of facts that point to David being the killer apart from the above facts that point away from Robin.

1.The damaged glasses that David was wearing when Police arrived at the scene, missing a lens. The lens was located in Stephens room. karam has made many claims including that the lens was planted. None of his claims have been backed up by factual evidence. David later changed his initial statement to Police about the glasses once he realised that his initial statement incriminated himself.
2. Davids bloody handprint that was found on the washing machine.
3. The washing machine contained davids jersey that had victims blood in it. The machine was a long way through its cycle indicating it had been put on some time before Davids 111 call to the Police.
4. David had unexplained scratches on his face, while evidence showed that Stephen had fought with his killer.
5. David told Police that when he went into Stephens room he heard him gurgling. The pathologist stated that the gurgling noise Stephen made would have occured straight after he was shot and in his opinion only the killer would have heard the gurgling before Stephen died.

All of these points are facts and they only point in one direction ... David Bain is the killer! Forget the conspiracy theories of an ex All Black who after fading into oblivion was desperate to be famous again. An ex All Black who made a statement to his wife when he first saw the David Bain case on TV " I can get rich out of this guy".

Karams claims that the Police manufactured evidence have not been backed up by Facts. In reality the investigating officers were well respected with unblemished records and even davids defence lawyer regarded them as men of utmost integrity.

There is one fact that never made it to trial as it may have coloured the jury's perception.
1. David Bain had juvenile history for killing of small animals and sexual perversions. That doesnt make him guilty but it does point to a personality trait that any psychologist will tell you makes him much more likely to go on to commit violence against humans.

I will finish with the statment from one of Davids close relatives.
"we knew straight away David was the killer, hes always been weird.